help for invation.davetiye icin yardim!!!

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hello my friends selam arkadaslar.
my girl friend had send me invation(priglaseniya).i dont know but there has been problem with post and i couldnt receive it.she says that she had coppied it before.she says she knows priglaseniya number.with this number without original invation paper can i receive visa from antalia russian consulate?or she can send me this copy by internet with this can i?i really dont wanna wait for another invation cos i wont have free time in future.pls i am waiting ur helps.
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I think you should call to russia embassy and ask about it. They know answer for your question for sure. link
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sorry but you can't get visa if you don't have the original of invitation, cause they work only with originals but not copies.
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