Do you need creative and experienced nanny ? :-)

Хотите работать в Турции? Или в турецкой компании в России? Нужны специалисты? Или вы предлагаете свои услуги? Вам сюда!
Dear Family,

I'm a bilingual Finnish girl named Daria. At the moment I'm 21 years old and I'm living in Istanbul since november 2009. I really hope i could find a family where I could work as a nanny. I really like to work with kids and little housework is okey for me too. My mother is Russian, so I speak russian too !!!

I have a 10yo little brother and a little sister aged 6, so I have "some" experience with children. I have also kept lots of hobby-clubs/dance-classes for small children, even for kids under school-age. Also i have been Au Pair in really nice family in Germany 2006-2007. I took care of 2-years old twins, and help with light hausework. That was my first Au Pair-expirience, and I really liked it !! :-)

I don't really speak turkish yet, but I'm learning. Like I told, im bilingual, so my other mothertongue is russian. And ofcourse english is fine for me too. So, if you are maybe interested in someone who could provide other languages to your children, I might be the right person in you family !! I would really like to be Nanny in family, who is not afraid to speak english ! And i think for children, specially small-ones, its good to adopt language, what they will learn in school, already in small age. There are so many ways to make it fun !! :-)

As a person I'm very social, careful, responsible, open-minded and creative and I get along well with other people. I have BIG imagination, so me and children have always great time together, and we always come up with something to do :-)

My hobbies are dancing, jogging, friends, reading, music and specially my biggest passion - photography - what i also studied in Finland. I'm interested in many things, such as different cultures, politic stuff, history, arts and experience technology. I'm also a freelance-journalist and I write in some Finnish magazines and news papers. I've been living in Helsinki, Stockholm, Germany and now in Istanbul. I really like it here !

Along with my studies I have taken care of our household while my parents have been at work, so I know a thing or two about housework.

I want to be nanny, 'coz i had really nice experience with my host-family near to Köln :-) And I feel good to work with kids.

If you feel like we could have something to chat about, please feel free to contact me !!!

Yours sincerely, Daria

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