looking job at Turkey at Instanbuk or in Antalia

Хотите работать в Турции? Или в турецкой компании в России? Нужны специалисты? Или вы предлагаете свои услуги? Вам сюда!
Name: Dmitrii
Surname: Bukach
Date of Birth: 15.11.1981
Place of Birth: Simferopol.Crimea.Ukraine
Place of residing: Simferopol
Specialty: manager on marketing, to tourism, manager on sales
Education: high
Faculty: of management
University degree: Tavrida National University
Foreign languages: English, Russian, initial level German,
Work with client and engineers to fill in any gaps or clarify any ambiguities in the requirements. work with software engineers to create a schedule, manage the schedule, anticipate risks and manage problems
when they occur, handle personnel issues that affect project progress, communicate with clients as needed during the project, report project to owner on a daily basis. Work with colleagues - other areas of marketing
teams to create price recommendations to take to management.
Marital status: Single
motivated, willing to learn, results driven person with a positive attitude and initiative I will be an advantage, especially in multinational environment, customer care operations highly desirable
Motivated, self-starter and a passion for the poor. Self confident person with an outgoing personality. Creative, has initiative and good judgment with an ability to express thoughts clearly. Conscientious, responsible, details-oriented. Ability to influence, persuade and facilitate change. Sets high standards; ethics and integrity are
extremely important. Strong interpersonal skills; will be open, approachable, diplomatic and ful. An excellent team player; able to work effectively with people at all levels of the organization. High amount of flexibility and willingness to work out of office hours and under difficult circumstances. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Team player. Tracking and analyzing market situation and development
Interpersonal skills:
Excellent communication skills (internally and externally), strong analytical skills, responsible, diligent, able to work under pressure, creative approach to the difficulties, energetic, active.
Hobby: tourism, traveling, cellular communication, marketing.
sales on mobile phones, electronics, sales at real-estate agency, sales
at tourism agency, Manages department budget, thorough knowledge of billing, equipment and all services provided by the company
Manager of the b- Keeping accounts of orders and informing status of orders to clients;
- Taking stock of cargo moving in warehouse; International logistics:
arrangement of delivery of goods from Europe (checking and confirmation
of shipping documents, collaboration with plants, forwarders,
customhouse brokers);
- Local logistics: arrangement of delivery of goods to end customers in
regions; Operations with claims.uilding company. Excellence in problem solving & analysis skills.
Experience in dealing with foreign partners. Experience in carrying on negotiations, interpreter activities, presentations and excursions. Skills in concluding contracts and agreements, business correspondence.
Drive license: no
Background courses include: courses simple with Nokia
Computers skills: user of Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, Exsel, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Power Point, Paint
Microsoft Office Excel 2003, 2007, Internet, Arcon, Adobe, MAC OS
Mobile phone: +380979313167
Skype: dima_crimea686
E-mail: [email protected]
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Дима, а что такое Instanbuk?
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Дима, а что такое Instanbuk?

Istanbul скорее всего
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Простите меня, пожалуйста, если сможете, за то, что у меня моё мнение, а не ваше.
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