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Хотите работать в Турции? Или в турецкой компании в России? Нужны специалисты? Или вы предлагаете свои услуги? Вам сюда!
so hi ... my name is shaggy, ı am the animation chief, from antalya turkey.. and it is like 10 year ı am working in this department, so ı need for the 2009 season animators-dancers-mini club animators and craographer, visium and fly tickets, the hotel is paying and 5 star hotel rooms, eating and drinking at the hotel, disco, restaurant everything is free for you...just we have to do our job sallary 300 dolar till 900 dolar ... please contact with me back with your cv or biyografi, minimum 2 photos(more will be better) 1 face one all body.. we are starting to work, 25 february 2009 till 15 november, in this time you can work with us.. you can come early or late, ı am here for you, just let me know... so see you soon... :) please contact with this mail [email protected]
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