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Fashion industry project foundation

kate_fashionista 2017/08/28 17:15
A great number of new brands and designers have been already discovered for the world in the history of Moscow.

The World Turkish Fashion Day – Moscow is one of the greatest events of the year. The meeting will be held in Gostiny Dvor with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.

The World Turkish Fashion Day will take place on the eve of the year 2019. This year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared as the year of Russian-Turkish bilateral development in culture and tourism. As Enes Gulerer, the WTFD founder, points out, the unique event will be held in the framework of the joint humanitarian project between Russia and Turkey. The WTFD-Moscow is an important and integral part of it.

Turkey has a high share in the supply of qualitative fabrics and garments worldwide. The Istanbul designers and brands are becoming more popular among the representatives of European and Western fashion industry nowadays. They successfully open their stores in such fashion capitals as New York, London, Milan, Paris and Moscow. Their outfits attract the attention of Hollywood stars as each item in the collections is really amazing.

Turkey is one of the most important suppliers for the Russian retail market. The country is on the third place in the import of garments after China and Italy and on the second place in the import of fabrics after China. It’s not the limit.

On the main page of the official website WTFD – Moscow (/forum/go/2fd48f1502b3e92d1036dc747d530d17) one can observe the slogan “The Agenda in the World – We, and Our Agenda – Turkish Fashion and Design”. These words presage a great foundation of the most interesting breakthrough in the fashion industry.

According to the information of the source, the organizer of the World Turkish Fashion Day is the group of companies “Enes&Partners”. It was founded in 2009. It confidently holds its position in leading sectors. Moreover “Enes&Partners” is a leader in the field of marketing, advertising and PR. The advertising full cycle agency “PANDOMIM’’ is responsible for the above-mentioned activity in the group of companies “Enes&Partners’’.

In the framework of the global event WTFD-Moscow more than 50 shows of seasonal and premiere collections of the famous designers will be presented. Some of them are permanent participants of the Istanbul Fashion Week. The major players in the textile and footwear industry in Turkey will present their expositions.

The World Turkish Fashion Day-Moscow will be the largest B2B platform for the meeting of professional fashionable audience from around the world. The promising Turkish brands have a chance to demonstrate their products for famous buyers from Russia and other countries.
The World Turkish Fashion Day headliner is a fashion Forum. The Forum is dedicated to the topical issues aimed at the development of the fashion industry in modern economic conditions in Russia and Turkey.

The representatives of the Ministry of Economy of Turkey, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Presidential Administration of Russia, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and the Government of Moscow and other public authorities that take an interest to open negotiations between both countries in the field of the textile and footwear industry will attend the WTFD-Moscow.

The Round table talks will form the platform for meeting of the key speakers and experts, the officials and businessmen to conclude strong mutually beneficial cooperation.

The goal of the World Turkish Fashion Day – Moscow is to introduce the residents, guests and professional audience with the collections of the successful Turkish designers, to establish strategically important business contacts with the Russian and foreign partners as well as to develop productive relationship in the sphere of the light industry between Russia and Turkey.

The World Turkish Fashion Day – Moscow visitors will plunge into the atmosphere of the exquisite and mysterious world of fashion and style.
One can enjoy delicious Turkish coffee, the traditional Turkish cuisine and the performances of the popular Turkish singers.

Among the WTFD guests will be the well-known representatives of business and the government, more than 100 bloggers and buyers from around the world, the celebrities as well as the representatives of Russian, European, the CIS, Iranian and Chinese International media.

One can follow the news of the World Turkish Fashion Day in real time by subscribing to the official accounts on Twitter: /forum/go/c7c56d5b24442a4d7e2abf101695feab, Facebook: /forum/go/90d1810a8dd6381b2946e85cdadf3adc
More than 10 000 people will become the witnesses of a new stage of cooperation between the Russian and Turkish businessmen, the experts in the field of fashion and design.

The WTFD organizers are going to plan to hold the event every year.
The WTFD is a great world economic and cultural background in history. The meeting has already included in the list of the cities and countries such as St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, the regions of the North Caucasus (Russia); Almaty and Astana (Kazakhstan); Tashkent (Uzbekistan); Baku (Azerbaijan).