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We would like to suggest our dance services for a variety of shows or programs. Our dance couple " Time for dancing" has a various repertoire of dances. There are lots of dance stunt in our dances, which make our dances more colorful and incendiary.
We can perform very infrequent, unusual dance tricks, and couple dance technique, various compound dance s (hold ups)
There are lots of difficult dance and couple’s techniques.
We also can work сchoreographs and create different dance shows and musicals.
We ‘d worked as choreographers and as dancers in France (Hotel Companile), Japan (Bolshoi circus company, the theme park in Omuta), and Turkey(club Ali-bey, Venezia Palace ,club Phaselis Rose)
We can contact us by e-mail: [email][email protected]">[email protected]</a> or <a href="mailto:[email protected][/email]
You cansee our pictures here /forum/go/4a5a84614d924a2f0bab61c047592106
Mobile +7-906-706-97-69 , +7-918-470-87-49
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